Mar 212013

GE Decoy CameraGE is one of the most popular gadget and appliance companies that make a lot of products offered to people. The products that are made by this particular company are all high quality and most of the customers are all satisfied in having their products. The certain company also makes security cameras, both real and decoy security cameras. The GE decoy security camera is said to be one of the best brands of this type of security camera all over the world. Some of the products of a decoy security camera that are made by this company have the feature of wireless to look like a real security camera.

Some of the products of GE decoy security camera are very high in price compared to other brands of this type of camera. But, the GE Company makes sure that even they have a high price, the quality and the design of their products are very high and one-of-a-kind that can satisfy all customers. And with the use of their products, you can be really sure of the security and safety of any establishment or house. GE products have a lot of good features that any other products don’t have.

One of the most important features of GE decoy security camera is that the products are very easy to install. Other products need the help of some professionals in order to effectively install the product. But, in this brand of decoy security camera, people can benefit by just following some do-it-yourself procedures that can be used by the owners. Another feature of this particular product is that it can be used outdoor, indoor, desktop and even wall. This can effectively be placed in some places where people are usually seen. Then, the feature of wires of this product is another feature that people can get benefit from. Other products have wires that are very difficult to fix. But, every decoy security camera made by GE does not require hardwiring.

People can get a lot of benefits in using a GE decoy security camera. The appearance of the product is also the most important feature of the product that people can get benefits from. People who don’t know about fake cameras will notice this type of camera as real. This is because of the realistic and sleek design of the product. Once this brand of this particular type of camera is installed inside any house, the design will coordinate along with the camera.

There are now lots of local stores that offer GE decoy security camera for any interested people in the world. Even in the stores on the internet, people can find the best product of this type of camera that is made by GE Company. It is more advisable to purchase this product in some online shops as some of them have the feature of free delivery direct to the customers so people are not required to pick up the purchased item and just wait for the product to be delivered to them.

Mar 172013

There are lots of types of camera all around the world. All of these types of camera have their own uses and purposes. One of the most popular types of camera is the dummy camera security. This certain type of camera is specially made to secure the safety of a particular establishment. But, the use of this camera is to just scare criminals and avoid them in doing some bad things. This is not a real camera as it only a dummy camera and not real. Having this type of camera installed on a specific establishment has a lot of Fake Cameraadvantages. But, there are also some cases that people who have disadvantages in using the specific type of camera.

The most important advantage of dummy camera security that people can benefit from is the price. Compared to other kinds of camera, this is not a pricy type. For people who have small business and wanting to be sure about the safety, this is the best type of camera to have. There are also some houses in the world that are installed with this certain camera. The main reason for this is the price. Even people who don’t have enough money to afford real cameras can have this type because of the price. Though it is not a real camera to detect the activity done by a criminal, but, before a certain criminal do the job, they will be scared if they see that there is a camera installed.

Another advantage of dummy camera security that people can benefit from is the availability. Some of the real cameras available can only be found in few local stores and stores on the internet. But, this particular type of camera can be found all around the world as most of the local gadget stores and even online shops offer this type of camera. Most of the best brands of this type of camera can be purchased in some stores on the internet as people has the capability to choose from different brand, price range, quality and design.

Although there are lots of advantages of dummy camera security that people can have benefits, there are also some disadvantages and possible problems in using the particular type of camera. Some people trust this type of camera. They should remember that this is only a fake camera to scare criminals. The fact that real one is better rather than this particular type of camera should also be remembered to make sure about the security and safety.

The dummy camera security also has downsides but most of the features of this type of camera is positive and said to be advantages that people can benefit from. To effectively purchase an item of this product, there are lots of gadget stores and stores on the internet to choose from. The products might be different from a lot of things like the price. It is more advisable to have the expensive yet high quality product rather than cheap ones.

Mar 132013

Security camera decoys are the best ways to make sure that your homes will not be invaded or intruded by any criminal that are planning to steal or commit a bad deed inside or outside your homes and business establishments. These security camera decoys are a great solution if you do not really want to spend a lot of money on your security system because you are certain that there will be no criminal attempts inside your home or business establishments. These cameras are considered as the simplest and cheapest CCTV system that includes the camera only without the monitors and the wires that transmits and shows the video surveillance. These cameras are called as decoy or dummy because it is not really capable of filming or capturing the real event that have happened at the crime scene. However, the main purpose for this camera is to prevent the criminal acts from happening. Criminals usually gets intimidated by these cameras if they see it and will be forced not to take any criminal action because they are scared that they might get identified and caught by the police. Cameras such as these are known for its very affordable and cheap price that will surely meet the budget of any person willing to buy these cameras

Security camera decoys are the greatest way to make your business establishments look safe and fully secured. A lot of experts recommend the use of this camera because it has been proven to be a very effective solution for criminals and crime from entering or committing any bad intention at your business establishment or even at home.

Lots of stores online and local are selling these cameras for only a cheap and affordable price that customer’s budget will surely meet. However, there are also some decoy cameras in the marketplace that are being sold for a very expensive price, but the best thing about these expensive cameras is that it is very visible and big that will sure get recognized by everyone who will be passing immediately. This means that anyone who will be entering your business establishment or home will surely recognize these cameras immediately and will be intimidated not to commit any criminal theft and other deeds because of the fact that they might get filmed and captured.

Dummy Surveillance The best way to make sure that there will be no crime committed inside and out of your office, home, and establishment, you should make sure that you get the biggest and most recognizable camera. Through this, anyone who will be planning to perform a bad act against you at your homes and offices will be intimidated or scared because they might get filmed by the camera system that you have installed inside and out. There are lots of cheap and affordable security camera decoys available on the marketplace. But, you will need to make sure first that you will get the finest quality of security camera decoys in order to get the best and most out of the device. 

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Mar 092013

A lot of people around the world are looking for a security camera decoy which they can use for the protection of their homes and Dummy video camerabusinesses. Security cameras are known to be one of the best protections against burglars and thieves. A security camera records a current event that may take place or happen in a certain area or place that are being used to detect and identify the persons who have committed the crime. These cameras are capable of providing safety for homeowners and business establishments. It also serves as main evidence that shows the true event that has happened in a crime scene. A lot of people are looking for the best type of security camera dummy available at local and online stores worldwide. There are lots of different types of security camera decoy available. A security camera decoy usually differs in sizes and shapes. However, the most popular type of a security camera decoy can be installed for both outdoors and indoors. This means that both the outside and inside of your home are well-protected from thieves and burglars.

Today, a security camera decoy is being used for a lot of purpose; it is used for homes and business establishments. These devices are a great addition for your businesses that will make it look really secure and prevent certain crimes and criminals from committing their bad deeds and acts. Decoy cameras are known as the cheapest and simplest CCTV system that only includes the camera unit. These cameras are called as dummy or décor cameras because they are not really able to film or send visual signals. These cameras don’t really need to be connected to a main screen where the users will see what the camera is seeing. These cameras just need to be attached or mounted to a certain area or spot and that’s it. Sometimes, some of these décor or dummy cameras need to be plugged-in, but there are some of these that come with a battery. The reasons why the camera needs to be plugged-in or has a battery because of the red light that makes the camera look like its running.

However, if any criminal does commit any offence or misbehavior, these cameras are not able to help you catch or identify them, nor will not be able to help you monitor the store and the activities that are taking place whether its in the office, warehouse, factory, and other places where there are lots of people visiting everyday. Dummy or decoy cameras are a good solution if you don’t really want to spend that much money on security. Some of this money may sometimes cost cheap and expensive for each, and does not have any recurring expenses. This means that there will no warranty or fixing expenses that the providers will guarantee because it already has a very cheap and affordable price that will surely fit anyone’s budget. If you want to make sure that your security camera decoy is noticed, you should make sure that you get the visible and big cameras.

Mar 052013

Dummy SurveillanceDummy outdoor security camera is being sold worldwide by local and online stores. This kind of camera is used to make sure that a house is safe against burglars and thieves. These are much affordable than the original type of security cameras that are very expensive and pricy.

 A dummy outdoor security camera is specially designed for outdoor use only, but users and owners may also use them indoors. There are also a lot of different types of dummy outdoor security camera available. These cameras usually differ on appearance and size. Some of these cameras have a round shape and there are some that really looks like a video camera. These ones that look like a video camera are the ones that are far much expensive than the round type models, due to the appearance it has that intimidates and scares the robbers and burglars more. The round type models are considered as the cheaper model because they are quite smaller. These dummy security cameras may not be able to record the current crime events that may take place in a certain area, but they can actually prevent these crimes or theft from happening. These dummy security cameras are capable of intimidating and scaring the thieves and burglars from entering your home and businesses. These cameras are the usual type of cameras being used for marketplaces and stores worldwide. However, there are also some security cameras that are real being used by these stores and market areas.

Dummy security outdoor cameras are usually being used outdoors because they are specially designed for outdoor purposes and could outstand any type of calamity may happen or come. These types of cameras are much cheaper because they are just dummies. This means that they are not real or just an imitation of the original type of security camera being used by lots of homes and stores worldwide. Sometimes there are some people that use this type of camera for their businesses and homes. This type of camera will make sure that there will be no burglars and thieves that will be attempting to trespass or enter your home. This product is also a great and ideal gift for anyone who just moved near your home. There are also a lot of different things that you can use this outdoor camera that will surely make sure that the safety of a certain area is certain.

Homes need to be guarded day and night, especially when you are a rich and famous person. But, for some of those that are not much capable of affording an ordinal type of camera for their homes and business, they may always buy a dummy security outdoor camera for their outdoor backyards and front yards of their homes. It is the best way to make your business or homes look very secure and safe. These cameras often scare away thieves because of the fact that they might get videoed and identified. Dummy outdoor security camera is the best way to fight against thieves and burglars.

Mar 012013

Decoy cameraThere are some places or areas that totally require the use of security cameras.  You probably know that buying the real one is so expensive and you may not afford to have it for your home or business.  That is why there is a decoy security camera made to provide additional security to your place also. Find out more details about these security cameras so that you have the idea about these items.

Using a decoy security camera is very helpful since it just seem to be real surveillance camera. If you are planning to utilize a decoy camera, make sure that nobody else knows about it. Having other people get informed of purchasing this item only means a waste of your money.  

When it deals about crime prevention, the real security camera and decoy security camera are both effective and they only differ in prices.  But the decoy cameras are easier to manage and more affordable since you are no longer required utilizing other resources to install it.  Fake security cameras are designed just like the fully functional and professional security system.  They can be installed indoors and outdoors to check if there are trespassers or criminals.  These fake cameras are usually installed at home, parking lots, office, or entry and exit points of buildings.

Most of the owners of business whether large or small, have second thought of purchasing professional surveillance cameras due to the reason that they are really costly.  Not only that, the maintenance as well as monitoring of these gadgets are also expensive.  Their second option is investing a decoy security camera which is more convenient and cheaper to use.

The decoy security cameras do not actually deliver signals or even capture images.  These are already equipped with mount and more accessories, they are installed easily. Almost of these decoy cameras have blink red LED indicating that it works but are usually battery-operated.  The major advantage of a decoy security camera is its ability to deter crimes. But its downside is that when something really happened, the fake camera cannot provide you with signals or images to determine the criminal.  

After you purchase a decoy security camera, there are no other things to worry about incoming costs like fixing lenses, buying new tapes and more maintenance issues.  Another advantage is provides is the easy installation. You only have to mount it for more visibility.  Buying more visible cameras is much better than the small dummy or hidden cams for it can immediately stop crime occurrences.

On the other hand, dummy cameras are designed to make people believe that somebody else watch over them. They are usually placed on noticeable places.  You should know that there fake cameras that are really obvious that is why you have to buy the one which looks so real. Make sure that they have flashing lights that are battery-operated, pan-tilt motion and motor.  Before getting one, try shopping around to locate the best deals.  Use these decoy cameras in the areas wherein minor theft and vandalism usually occurs so you can prevent them as much as possible.

Feb 252013

Due to some unexpected circumstances that people encounter nowadays, various methods and materials are invented to prevent these unusual events and provide safety and security for everybody.  The decoy security cameras are designed primarily with a purpose of securing people or valuable things inside a house or an establishment such as in office or other business areas.

Decoy security cameras are just one of the most reliable gadgets which also act as surveillance cameras.  Today, there are so many crimes experienced in different places and they happen because most of the criminals think nobody sees them. But to establishments that are already using security cameras, they can deter crimes right away.

There are so many different classifications for a decoy security camera and they are associated with amazing features that perfectly match your purpose or intention of installing it into your restricted area.  The most common decoy security camera comes in a wireless system which makes installation so easy for it is completely cordless and hassle-free.

Make a sophisticated appearance through using the wireless security system.  Its authentic design is created for it to appear just like a part of the wireless system.  There is a blinking LED to give a look just like the active camera. Axis-swivel camera may be installed on the desktop or wall or tabletop by just rotating it to find the right direction.

decoy Surveillance Generally the decoy security cameras are created imitating the style and function of real surveillance cameras. Aside from their wireless feature, they are also available in motion activated or solar models which almost have the same functions with one another but differ in other specific tasks.  You can view different designs of decoy wireless security cameras from the internet. If you are looking for a good price deal, determine the online dealer company that offers services for security cameras and check if they have decoy security cameras together with the indicated price tag.

Protect your property or any valuable items inside your house or office by installation of these decoy security cameras. They are cheaper compared to other type of real surveillance cameras. Have the initiative to look for different models or styles of these security cameras in your place or online. Do not wait until one day; you will experience the same terrible setting wherein your most important things are lost or somebody else get into your home without any permission from you.

You and your very important resources should always be safe and secured. Even if you cannot manage to keep an eye on what is occurring inside your home or building, when you have decoy security cameras, you are at least confident to leave it and go wherever you wanted.

In other words, a decoy security camera is very useful since it covers services that are related to people and property’s safety and security.  Try any of these kinds of security cameras and share it the advantages that you will acquire to your friends and other family members.  For sure, they wanted to have additional security all the time. 

Feb 212013

GE Decoy Security CameraGadgets are already part of people’s daily routine.  These gadgets have different functions and are intended to make every person’s way of living more comfortable, enjoyable and even secured.  When it refers to security, there are equipment and gadgets that are designed for homes and other institutions. And the most common are the security cameras.

GE Decoy Security Camera is one of the gadgets which serve as a guard at home or establishments to monitor what is happening inside all the time. Since it help a lot in spotting unexpected circumstances right on time, most people who own or keep valuable items inside their house or business establishments are installing or purchasing security cameras in it. Many crimes scenes inside and out of a certain building structure are prevented and reported because of the help of these security cameras.

GE Decoy Security Camera provides you with additional safety and security wherein you really need it most all the time. It is integrated with wireless decoy security camera for wire home monitoring systems of GE.   Now the GE home monitoring systems let the users to immediately add safety and security to any parts of their home.  It also has a distinctive axis-swivel camera which can be installed on desktop or wall without any hassle for hard wiring.

This decoy security camera is designed to appear like an operating surveillance camera.  In addition to, the axis swivel camera can be activated and deactivated with handy switch for on and off.  The flashing red LED catches an attention to the security camera.  GE Decoy Security Camera can also be availed in various models and styles so you can have the option which you think will fit in your place best.  

Another good thing about this kind of security camera is its flexibility. It can be used indoor and outdoor depending upon your purpose or condition.   The price of every GE Decoy Security Camera is not a big issue at all since it is sold in the most affordable cost where everybody will have the chance of adding their security wherever they go.

It has useful features and parts that are integrated to the entire product to make it more helpful.  Remember that you cannot watch and guard for your house or building the whole time so GE wireless security camera will take charge of everything.  On the other hand, you will not be worried about the money you are going to spend for there are so many sale products of GE security cameras. Find one at some dealer networks and for sure, you will come up with the best one.

For additional security, choose GE Decoy Security Camera to be installed in your home or office.  Read more of its product reviews so you will be enlighten about other essential information about this security camera.  Live your life safe and secured by installing security cameras inside or outside of your house or business establishments.   And of course, you have to know what particular type of surveillance camera you are going to look for.


Feb 172013

Surveillance cameras nowadays are highly popular due to the protection that it can provide for a home or for a business establishment. Dummy video cameraFor some homeowners who want to provide more protection to their home, they tend to get a dummy camera security placed on different places to make sure that burglars will be warned that they are being “recorded”. There are many surveillance cameras in the market today and providing real ones and a dummy camera security can provide added protection for a place. This will make any person that has bad intentions not to pursue what they are planning to do and allow the homeowner to keep the house safe from housebreakers.

A dummy camera security may look like some of the latest CCTVs in the market that will prevent people from doing crimes near a place that has these cameras. A house that is filled with real and fake cameras will have a certain level of protection because people will be aware that there is a great possibility that they can be “recorded”. Though most people say that a dummy camera security is not that helpful because it does not provide the features that real ones have, there are still people who want to get these cams as part of providing protection for their homes. Aside from homes, business establishments can also provide a dummy camera security to warn shoplifters that there is equipment that is “recording” him or her and prevent that person from doing unnecessary things.

A dummy camera security may not be helpful to some places that need real strict protection, but being able to put it on places where it can be easily seen will provide enough protection for an establishment or home. It will be easy for the owner to provide protection and save money on purchasing real ones. There is a great chance that culprits will be conscious about their every movement and move to other places or establishments. A dummy camera security is not just a decoy camera because there are some fake cameras that have LED lights that may look like it is recording and it would definitely alarm culprits.

A homeowner can also have a dummy camera security that has motion sensors that will emit a sound that can alarm the owner or people around the establishment or the area. An owner can choose to have a realistic dummy camera security for indoor use or for outdoor use. With the latest technology used in fake cameras, there is no way that a burglar can determine the difference of the real and decoy surveillance camera. It will be easy for an owner to maintain the protection that he wants for his home or establishment and be able to prevent any crimes from happening in the area. Being able to place fake cameras will definitely make culprits confused on how they can get in and out of the place “unrecorded”. More than that, these fake cameras are cheaper than the real ones, so you can still get the protection that you need without spending a lot of money.


Feb 132013

Fake Camera vs Real Camera

Business properties and home valuables require utmost security all the time. A man can’t guard a certain area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That is why security cameras are made available to protect your valuables at all times. It is best to have a surveillance security system within your business and home grounds to deter malicious activities that may happen anytime. Since having a surveillance security system requires a big budget, local business enterprises could use a security dummy camera to drive away possible intruders.

A security dummy camera can help businessmen in securing their places from any danger such as harassment, vandalism, theft and other criminal offenses. Security dummy camera comes in various forms, but looks authentic in style. An average burglar who is afraid of being exposed can’t determine whether security cameras are fake or bona fide security cameras. Your home or enterprise will possibly look like it has a real security system if you will wisely choose the type of camera appropriate for your needs, the right number to be installed and the right location where they are going to be mounted.

Security dummy camera or any real security camera is important for providing protection to your property. Although it requires technical skills when installing it, putting it in proper places greatly helps in creating the realistic appearance of your security system.

Dummy cameras could have beneficial results, but there are also several downfalls in getting fake security cameras rather than the real one. Professionals still advise big establishments, factories or homes that need utmost protection to get the real security system. Fake security cameras when revealed could cause many problems to the defendants. If the clients of a certain establishment are robbed with the presence of fake security cameras, defendants could be held liable for the loss. After all, criminals as its nature would still do their wrongful activities even if there is a security system. Since fake security cameras could not record activities and monitor activities, trust in the company’s security would be put at stake. False security would cause negative effects on the integrity of your business.

Hence, fake security cameras would have the same effects if family members would not take necessary precautions in ensuring their safety. They should be informed that they are using fake cameras for their welfare. Dummy cameras are only intended to lure wrongdoers out of your premises. It is important not to reveal to anyone who is not concerned with your welfare that you are only using dummy cameras for your security system.

It is still advisable if you avail authentic security cameras for your protection. If you can’t afford many real security cameras, you can just buy some and use the alternative dummy cameras for the rest of your facility. Just make sure that the fake one is exactly the same design as the real one to avoid suspicion of deceit on the security system. You could also use security camera warning signs within the proximity of your dummy security cameras to make it more convincing.